CMT supports owners with maintenance and new construction utilities infrastructure by bringing together a list of services including:

Surveying: which provides full-service land surveying and GIS services. With over 30 years of experience in construction surveying, boundary surveys, and topographic surveys, ALTA/NSPS surveys, drone surveying, forensic surveying, as well as other surveying related services.

Geotechnical Engineering: to ensure successful projects are built from the ground up.  This requires a comprehensive geotechnical and geologic evaluation of soil conditions at a site to ensure proper risk mitigation and constructable solutions are integrated into the project design.

Construction Management: with most utilities buried below our transportation system, you need a competent CM to perform necessary reconstruction services i.e., acceptance testing on the utility line installed, location and slope control, material placement, monitoring materials quality, and workmanship.

It is the seamless coordination of all these services that help determine a project’s success. We have you covered in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Utah.



Three Kings Water Treatment

Construction of a new 3,000 gpm mining-influenced water treatment plant to replace the existing Spiro Treatment Plant...

Kearns Zone D 5 Million Gallon Water Tank

The Kearns Improvement District wanted to replace their two existing tanks with a total storage capacity of 3MG with ...

Sylvan Lake Dam Reconstruction Eagle County, Colorado

Sylvan Lake is in the White River National Forest approximately 10 miles south of Eagle, Colorado. This high hazard c...

Mountain Dell Dam

Reconstruction of an existing dam which was built in the early 1900s. The project consisted of an earth cofferdam on...


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