Materials Testing 

CMT Technical Services is capable of performing in-house or onsite testing and inspection services. CMT’s permanent laboratory facilities are located in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado and Texas. We also offer mobile testing to service projects onsite in the western US. CMT’s equipment certification and calibration is on record with the National Institute of Standards and Technology through the AASHTO program. In conjunction with highly trained staff and certified laboratories, CMT produces quality services with fast turnaround times. 

Special Inspections 

CMT understands the importance of providing our partners with a qualified and experienced inspector to meet their specific needs. Our inspectors will assess the workmanship associated with the project and provide a detailed written report onsite, as well as an electronic version within 24 hours to all requested personnel. Our inspectors have been trained and certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and American Welding Society (AWS). 

We have you covered in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Utah.