Our engineering team includes industry leaders, PhDs, former DOT employees, and young engineers beginning their careers. We take pride in working together, taking ownership of project tasks, and being inclusive.

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  • Field Testing

    Field Testing

    CMT Technical Services ensures that your construction project utilizes in spec materials, based on our reliable test results. We offer in-house and on-site testing and inspection services. Our team is capable of providing testing to ensure your specific needs are met with customized attention.

    You can feel confident knowing our equipment certification and calibrations are up to date. They are recorded with the National Institute of Standards and Technology through the AASHTO or A2LA accreditation programs.

  • Soils and Asphalt Field

    Soils and Asphalt Field

    Soils – Control The Quality

    We specialize in the evaluation of soils and aggregates. That includes pre-qualification and verification testing. Our capabilities include measurement of density control of large complex fills with 3D mapping for structural fill certification, and field “Gap” Analysis of pavement layers for QA acceptance tests.

    Asphalt Field Testing

    Provides a way to determine what mix of materials, design aggregate structure, asphalt binder, and moisture sensitivity to use. This is used for asphalt and concretes.

    • Thermal imaging temperature mapping
    • Nuclear density – control testing
    • Failure analysis
  • Testing of Portland Cement products

    Testing of Portland Cement products

    Testing of Portland Cement products is considered a basic component of all civil laboratories. CMT employs all the necessary means to monitor the quality and confidence of our testing system. This includes expert design and routine statistical analysis of data, including specialty analysis on projects such as:

    • Dams
    • Water facilities
    • Transportation
    • Structural