UAV Survey technology is utilized by CMT in many ways. We are able to support many of our survey and engineering disciplines with our aerial photogrammetry capabilities from small projects to projects stretching miles. Together with our other partners at CMT we are utilizing this technology for non-survey related items as well including pavement crack analysis and slope analysis. We have you covered in Idaho and Utah.

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  • Highly accurate, detailed 3D map


    Our surveys are done with specialized laser equipment and provides a highly accurate, detailed 3D map that shows: 

    • Roadway 
    • Barriers 
    • Overhead wires 
    • Waterways 

    You can be sure that CMT Technical Services is able to provide you all the accurate survey data you need for your project. There are a couple of things that make drone surveying special. 

    • It is faster than traditional land surveying
    • Capability to map land that is not easily accessible such as wetlands, mountains, and deserts
  • Capture with drone surveying


    What can you capture with drone surveying? A few things include: 

    • Land survey 
    • 3D mapping 
    • Photogrammetry 
    • Topographic surveying 

    Where do we do drone surveys? 

    A drone survey would be a great tool for Arizona desert areas or Idaho mountainous terrain. In Texas, Colorado, or Utah, it can survey quicker than a traditional survey. 

    No matter what the terrain in your state, a drone survey can quickly survey, 3D map, and provide other data for your project. 

    Surveying from the air can provide big benefits. 

    Other benefits include: 

    • Drone surveying 
    • 3-Dimensional mapping 
    • Aerial videos and photography 
    • Stockpile quantity determination 
    • Pavement distress mapping 

    CMT Technical Services can provide your project drone surveying for any areas that may be a problem for traditional surveying.