Our engineering team includes industry leaders, PhDs, former DOT employees, and young engineers beginning their careers. We take pride in working together, taking ownership of project tasks, and being inclusive.

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  • Environmental Services


    CMT offers Environmental Engineering Services to assist in the land development process, including federally funded projects. Our staff of professionals include environmental engineers, geologists, and geotechnical engineers to help with this process.

    To determine the environmental impact of a site, we use multiple criteria.

  • Phase 1 And 2 Environmental Assessments


    A Phase One assessment uses the following:

    • Visual observation of the area for contamination
    • Research of the historical use of the land
    • Regulatory codes

    A Phase Two assessment is more involved and uses the following to make an assessment:

    • Phase II Reports (ASTM E1903-11)
    • Physical samples of soil and water to look for contamination
    • Lab results for comparison
    • Identification of wetlands, ecological resources, and endangered species that may prohibit certain specific uses of the land

    The goal is to stabilize any contamination and create the least amount of impact on the environment as possible.

  • Investigations and Testings


    Field Investigations And Studies

    • To identify areas where landslides are probable during future construction 
    • To describe features with, and the environmental factors involved in, a current landslide

    What is covered during an environmental field investigation? 

    • Topography 
    • Water bodies 
    • Geology 
    • Physical properties 
    • Ecological properties

    Laboratory Testing

    Laboratory analysis for total hydrocarbon, heavy metals, and other deleterious substances will ensure that it is safe but also determine what environmental effects are not hazardous for future development. 

    NEPA Studies

    The National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) requires assessment of the effects of all federal, federally assisted, and federally licensed actions. This includes highways and roads. If the standards are not being met the project could be shutdown.