CMT’s team of survey professionals and support staff has a well established reputation for being one of the finest construction layout firms in the region. Our work flow, quality and document control process, scheduling timeliness and crew dispatch availability is second to none other when it comes to being able to respond to staking needs in a timely manner. Our crews and management team can take on any construction lineout project including but not limited to residential, industrial, commercial, airport, department of defense and department of transportation projects. We have you covered in Idaho and Utah.

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  • How Surveying Helps Build Roads 


    Surveying is the first step before the building of the road begins. This first survey is done in the planning stage. During the construction phase, another survey is done. This survey will determine how much dirt must be moved. It also provides the grade and level the dirt must be at. The survey information will help determine the best location where the least amount of dirt must be moved. 

    Construction phase surveys tell us the optimum areas for the following: 

    • Slopes and contours 
    • Turns 
    • Tunnels in mountainous areas 
    • Bridges 

    Maintenance and rehabilitation phase surveys is used for positioning.

  • Construction Staking 


    • All projects benefit from accurate construction staking services


    • Construction staking is more commonly known as site layout survey


    • Structures ranging from small utility boxes, to residential homes, to large multi-story commercial buildings, and parking structures


    • All aspects of residential and commercial development, including property boundaries, earthwork, utilities, pavement, and structures

    Field Engineering 

    • Onsite engineering with office support to allow for fast and efficient changes required during the construction process
    • Roadway, bridge, and heavy civil utility and earthwork 
    • Heavy civil, utilities, earthwork, and all other aspects for both private and public roadways and bridges
    • Machine control terrain model 
    • Creation for contractor grading equipment. Creation of digital terrain models (DTM) for use in contractor grading equipment