Our engineering team includes industry leaders, PhDs, former DOT employees, and young engineers beginning their careers. We take pride in working together, taking ownership of project tasks, and being inclusive.

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  • Construction Engineering Management


    We provide:

    • Proficiency
    • Thoroughness
    • Safety
    • Communication
    • Expertise
    • Quality

    CMT also delivers: 

    • Full owner project representation
    • Professional resident and field engineers equipped with client interactive reporting software
    • Experienced inspectors and field technicians
    • Quality field reporting
    • Proficient document control
    • Professionally conducted project meetings including preconstruction and weekly coordination meetings
    • Knowledgeable individuals specialized in providing alternate solutions to unforeseen site conditions to avoid costly change orders
    • Staff knowledgeable of today’s construction costs to protect owners against price gouging
    • Timely project closeout
  • What To Expect


    • Construction materials assessment: it is the responsibility of the construction manager to make sure that all required materials are on site. These responsibilities include ensuring that the materials meet the appropriate specifications. 
    • Labor management: the construction manager must have the ability and be empowered to manage labor proficiently, productively, and efficiently.  It is optimal that the construction manager has the ability to recognize ways to improve productivity throughout the different construction tasks. 
    • Coordinate with local agencies: each project has its own constraints and requirements with necessary permits and approvals. The construction manager must have the foresight and ability to coordinate all agency and stakeholder involvement. 
    • Safety: ensure that all laborers are equipped with appropriate PPE. 
    • MOT: ensure that all traffic control devices and/or flag team members are in place and functioning.